.NET Framework Platform is a component of Microsoft Windows that allows us to create and use applications of the next generation. .NET Framework provides a rich class library. The library is an object-oriented set of types that is used for development of various applications, starting from classical applications (GUI) or command-line interface and ending with latest ASP.NET applications.

ASP.NET MVC3 is a component of ASP.NET, a framework for building web applications that implements the most successful template web programming - Model-View-Controller.

Web Services are Web applications based on .NET technology. They provide an interface for interaction with external applications. Access to the web service is granted through a web address. Web services interact with other applications and with each other with the help of messages.

Web services have a number of advantages:

  • They provide interaction between platform independent software systems
  • They are based on open standards and protocols
  • Easy debugging and development of web services is done with the help of XML
  • HTTP-interaction of software systems is carried out through a firewall by using the Internet Protocol

Windows Services are applications that run automatically (if this feature is enabled) at Windows start.

Our team has experience in ASP.NET application development based on .NET Framework platform, using all the modern technological features and benefits of all the major versions of the library.

We apply these technologies in website development of applications based on ASP.NET: